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Life Assurance

If one of your business owners passed away, but had taken out a key business loan for the company, what would happen? The bank could ask for repayment in full. Our life assurance options can help.

Life assurance for businesses

Having a life assurance policy in place for your business means you can claim a lump sum if any of the people covered die or are diagnosed with a terminal illness. It means the business can recover and continue to operate, debts can be paid, and you can rest easy.

Life assurance can also be extended to include serious illness cover, so that if the business owner is unable to work it can help the business to continue to trade, with a lump sum paid to the business to help with costs like debt repayments.

Another type of life assurance cover we can arrange for your business will help to keep your premises paid for if the worst should happen. Mortgage protection assurance covers business mortgage payments if the person who took out the mortgage should pass away.

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