Claim Services

To us, every claim is personal and we want to get the pay-out. Therefore, you can be sure we’re fighting as hard as we can for you.

Claims are the real test of insurance.

Claims only happen when something goes wrong, and dealing with your claim just adds to your stress. So it’s a relief to know we’ll do everything for you – and we aim to win.

From the moment you tell us about your claim until the moment you receive your cheque, we’re on it. And we’ll be with you every step of the way, to ensure you get exactly what you’re entitled to.

Determined to win your claim

The way we see it, if you pay your premium then you expect to get fair treatment with any claims. That’s the way insurance should work, right? That’s why we put every last ounce of effort into getting you what you paid for.

We handle every claim ourselves

We never outsource a single claim. Every claim is handled here, at Christie Insurance, by people who genuinely care. Why wouldn’t we want the best possible result for you? You’re our client, after all. And we want to hold onto your business.

Named contacts for continuity of care

No call-centres, no phone tree, no explaining your claim over and over again. At Christie Insurance, you’ll have a named claims-handler, plus their phone number and email address. You can contact them at any time, but they’ll also proactively take charge of your claim – saving you a load of time and hassle.

Good advice on making a claim

Sometimes the way the claim itself is handled can make a difference to the outcome. So we offer wise advice on how to help yourself in the earliest stages of the claim, helping you to better your chances of a successful outcome right from the start. Find out what to do to help your claim.

How to make a claim.