Make a claim

Need to make a claim? Call us first on 03330 107169. We’ll handle it all for you, and give you sensible advice on what to do.

We’re here to help. Really, really help.

No one likes having to make a claim. So it’s good to know we’re here to take the burden from your shoulders.

From the moment we hear about what’s gone wrong to the moment your claim is resolved (that means handing over a cheque), we’ll take care of you. We’re here to check over all the small print, collect your evidence, liaise with your insurer, proactively chase a fast resolution, and get the best possible settlement for you that we can. So call us first.

What to do

Call us – before you call anyone else, including your insurer. Because not only will we then handle everything for you, but we can give you helpful advice on what to do.

Who can I speak to?

Call 03330 107169 and speak to John Davies or Claire Richards

Take our good advice

Help yourself in the first stages of your claim by doing the right things – and not doing the wrong things. Our sensible claims advice will help.

When to call

Monday-Friday 09:00-5:30pm